• Deborah Lemon Teacher/Owner/Master Instructor

    My name is Deb Lemon and I am addicted to movement! I am a 51-year-old mother of 5 who got bit by the “fitness bug” at the age of 18. I am married to the “man of all men” who truly believes in me and supports everything I do while working hard on his own career. I taught my very first fitness class on campus at Millersville University and that’s where it all started. I’ve always been a “teacher” in some capacity… it’s just in my blood. After delivering my second child, I was persuaded into auditioning to be a fitness model for QVC. I worked for them for the next 18 years. During those years and much after now… I’ve opened 5 Pilates Studios. I’m not sure what I like more… being an entrepreneur, a teacher, a teacher trainer, a wellness coach, or a mentor to aspiring new teachers? What I know for sure is that I am passionate about results! If you come to me with a problem and you look to me for a solution… I will deliver! Whether it be learning pilates, losing weight, getting stronger, inspiring you, or just simply helping you feel better… I will pour myself into you!

    My training and education are extensive and in my opinion, takes a “backseat” to my love of people and connecting with them individually. My studio is the vehicle I use to enhance my life by serving others with the gift of movement!

  • Yung-Li Chen Teacher

    Yung-Li Chen is a Pilates, Barre, Cardio+Barre Teacher with 20 years experience as an independent choreographer and professional dancer. Health, fitness, and movement have always been a large part of Yung-Li’s personality. She holds a MFA in Choreography from the Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College, SUNY as well as certification from Exhale Spa (Barre), OM (Yoga) and Balanced Pilates.

    Her recent performance credits include: 2015 NY Fashion Week for Givenchy/Marina Abramovic, Kate Weare Dance Company, Jacobs Pillow, and Judson Dance Theater.

    Yung-Li’s Barre Class is fun yet challenging, focusing on self-motivational goals of strength and alignment. Take your body and mind to the next level- you deserve it!