Deborah Lemon


My name is Deb Lemon and I am addicted to movement! I am a 51-year-old mother of 5 who got bit by the “fitness bug” at the age of 18. I am married to the “man of all men” who truly believes in me and supports everything I do while working hard on his own career. I taught my very first fitness class on campus at Millersville University and that’s where it all started. I’ve always been a “teacher” in some capacity… it’s just in my blood. After delivering my second child, I was persuaded into auditioning to be a fitness model for QVC. I worked for them for the next 18 years. During those years and much after now… I’ve opened 5 Pilates Studios. I’m not sure what I like more… being an entrepreneur, a teacher, a teacher trainer, a wellness coach, or a mentor to aspiring new teachers? What I know for sure is that I am passionate about results! If you come to me with a problem and you look to me for a solution… I will deliver! Whether it be learning pilates, losing weight, getting stronger, inspiring you, or just simply helping you feel better… I will pour myself into you!

My training and education are extensive and in my opinion, takes a “backseat” to my love of people and connecting with them individually. My studio is the vehicle I use to enhance my life by serving others with the gift of movement!

Yung-Li Chen


Yung-Li Chen is a Pilates, Barre, Cardio+Barre Teacher with 20 years experience as an independent choreographer and professional dancer. Health, fitness, and movement have always been a large part of Yung-Li’s personality. She holds a MFA in Choreography from the Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College, SUNY as well as certification from Exhale Spa (Barre), OM (Yoga) and Balanced Pilates.

Her recent performance credits include: 2015 NY Fashion Week for Givenchy/Marina Abramovic, Kate Weare Dance Company, Jacobs Pillow, and Judson Dance Theater.

Yung-Li’s Barre Class is fun yet challenging, focusing on self-motivational goals of strength and alignment. Take your body and mind to the next level- you deserve it!

Sarah Turco


Sarah Turco, originally from New Orleans, received her certification from Core Pilates and Balanced Pilates NYC. She fell in love with Pilates after realizing how the practice greatly improved her various athletic skills, which include: swimming, running, biking, and navigating the streets of NYC. Sarah looks forward to continuing her education and sharing her love of Pilates with others.



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