A Foundations class is a place for everyone to start, plus it’s a fantastic class to keep in your practice! You’ll get extra attention in these classes which is great for newbies AND for experienced pilates divas.

Classical Reformer and Mat

This class includes the Level 1 order of classical exercises for reformer and mat. The best way to get stronger in your practice is to combine mat and equipment.


Classical Tower and Mat

This class is 1/2 Mat Pilates and 1/2 Tower.

Classical Tower

This class will follow a mixed level of exercises performed on the Tower. There is no order of exercises and each class provides lots of variety.

Pilates Fusion

Like classical? You’ll get it. Like contemporary? You’ll get that too. Like a little fitness? Add that to the mix and now you have a Pilates Fusion class.

Cardio Jump Board Reformer

Includes intervals of the most fun, challenging, and safe way to get your cardio workout in. We use the jump board which is added to the reformer and we lay on our backs, sides, or on our knees to push off, targeting the legs and booty while raising your heart rate. Intervals of classical reformer exercises are included.


The Lemon Method

This class will include 40 minutes of pilates on the reformer, 10 minutes of high intensity exercises such as squats, lunges, push ups, barre, burpees, etc, and ending with 5 minutes of mindful meditation.

Tabata Pilates

Get your reformer workout first then we follow with timed intervals of cardio segments for a total of 15-20 minutes. Cardio segments may include jumping jacks, squat jumps, lunges, boxing, etc. You do not need to wear shoes for this part of the class. Everything is done on your mat barefoot.

Classical Reformer

This class will follow a Level 1 or Level 2 order of exercises performed on the Reformer. This is where you learn the order, the set up, the execution, and the transition of every exercise.


Kick It Up A Notch Reformer

This class is for those that are dedicated to coming regularly to learn more advanced exercises. You’ll get your reformer workout that you know and love with added exercises taught in progression in order to be more and more successful each week.



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